Healthcare technology to put patients first Healthcare technology to put patients first

Technology that puts your patients first.

Keep patient data safe and secure with Microsoft’s healthcare IT solutions.

Healthcare Australia reduces IT costs with complete collaboration solution

Healthcare Australia supplies contingent labour to hospitals and aged-care facilities across Australia. Inheriting a legacy infrastructure including a ten-year-old email system, newly appointed CIO Mark Botros felt it was time for an upgrade. He deployed Microsoft Office 365 with SharePoint and other products as a total collaboration platform, helping to save significant IT costs per year.

Collaborate with healthcare teams

Empower your healthcare team to provide better service to patients through effective communication and collaboration. Mobile health solutions, based on cloud-based Office 365 and Windows 10 Pro devices, enable health professionals to securely access information from various locations and devices, to provide the best care.

Use data to understand patient needs

Put data to work on behalf of your patients. With Microsoft Power BI, you can quickly find and analyze patient data to better understand the needs of your patient community. And healthcare teams can share these insights with each other, from any device, leading to better patient service and outcomes.

Protect private health information

Protecting patient and clinic data is critical. Microsoft health technology solutions have built-in protection that meets the highest standards for data security, privacy and compliance. You can provide secure access to sensitive patient health information (PHI) and support an eHealth workforce without compromising security and compliance standards.

Provide uninterrupted care during emergencies

When there’s a disaster, you can’t stop serving your patients. You need to deliver uninterrupted care. A cloud-based healthcare IT solution, including Microsoft Azure and Office 365, will let you do just that. With automatic data backup and recovery, you can quickly restore systems and critical apps, so you regain access to patient information in minutes.

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