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Vertical transportation leader reaches new heights with secure mobility

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D2E International VT Consultants Ltd / D2E is a leader in the niche world of vertical transportation - elevators, escalators and equipment used for building façade servicing. D2E was operating in a largely paper-based way where mobile staff working at customer offices or on construction sites had to return to the office to file and share completed paperwork. Simply finding a document could take hours. To improve efficiency and reduce data security risk, D2E engaged Microsoft Cloud expert, TechQuarters who recommended Office 365, Windows 10, Skype for Business and Enterprise Mobility Services. D2E are now thriving with a secure mobile working environment and greater collaboration, contributing to huge cost savings.

D2E International VT Consultants Ltd / D2E lead the niche world of vertical transportation - providing guidance on design, implementation and maintenance of lifts, escalators and equipment used for building façade servicing. Operating for over 13 years, D2E is a specialist firm which works in close partnership with other construction professionals such as architects and mechanical engineers in the building and renovation of structures. As a leader in this market D2E has built a reputation for being forward-thinking and innovative. To enable the business to stay ahead of the game and innovate around their customer services strategy, Managing Director, Bill Evans, has been exploring cloud solutions to extend mobile working capabilities and optimise efficiency while ensuring the highest levels of information control and security.


In D2E's industry, collaboration amongst professionals is paramount, requiring communication throughout each day. Historically D2E's paper-based processes had resulted in vast quantities of documents and a complex filing system. As the volume of information grew the business began to feel the strain. Mobile staff had to travel unnecessarily from customer offices and construction sites back to the office simply to file and share completed project documentation. Operating efficiently and providing fast, reactive customer service was becoming challenging and the business recognised the risk it faced of information getting lost. After introducing Microsoft Office, the business realised that it needed to transform the capabilities of both mobile and office-based staff to capitalise on new business opportunities.

Bill Evans comments "We wanted to become paperless and to keep growing so we had to do something smarter. I knew that the right technology could increase our efficiency and make the mobile team more productive and secure."

"In our niche industry, we must have differentiation. Moving our IT into the cloud lets us concentrate on our core values and enhance the customer experience. We can respond to customers from anywhere, we're more efficient and we're saving money. The whole freedom that this creates is unbelievable."

Bill Evans, Managing Director, D2E International


D2E enlisted the help of Microsoft cloud expert, TechQuarters, who recommended Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) from Microsoft to streamline internal operations, automate key business processes and equip mobile staff to work with uncompromised security.

Cloud-based Office 365 provides a suite of applications and services which are accessible from any device or location. As well as cloud email and Microsoft Office 2016 applications, D2E has adopted SharePoint for central document filing and home to their new 'Education Portal' - where individuals can share information and learn from best practices. Skype for Business has opened new lines of communication, forging greater collaboration amongst staff, with video and audio calling as well as streamlined day-to-day communication through instant messaging. Windows 10 brings new features like Cortana search, Edge browser and multiple desktops to help the team find information quickly and manage their work productively.

Security concerns are yesterday's news. Enterprise Mobility Services enable the business to centrally manage all devices, locking or remotely wiping them in the event of loss or theft. Rights Management Services (RMS) gives every user the ability to set permission-based access to documents shared over email - ensuring that sensitive information cannot be forwarded, copied or printed in error. Amy Dacres-Dixon, Associate at D2E, comments, "As a business we want to stay forward-thinking. With Office 365 and EMS we now produce consistently high quality service with no worry about our information falling into the wrong hands."

"Mobile workers can now securely complete site surveys directly onto their mobile phones, share the document and video clips with the customer and save everything back into SharePoint without leaving the site."

Bill Evans

Benefits & Value

Secure, mobile business

  • D2E has created a fully mobile workforce, with simple access to all Office 365 apps and SharePoint on cutting-edge tablets and mobile devices
  • Internal collaboration and team spirit has been reignited with Skype for Business, keeping office based and remote workers better connected with video calls and instant messaging
  • D2E enjoys greater business freedom to work anywhere in the country without needing to set up physical offices or purchase meeting space
  • With Enterprise Mobility Services, D2E can empower field associates to work remotely knowing that corporate information is secure and that devices can be locked or wiped should they fall into the wrong hands
  • Confidential information can now be shared within the business using Rights Management Services ensuring that only designated individuals receive access

Streamlined efficiency and productivity

  • D2E are saving over £100,000 in operating costs per year by increasing time efficiency, maximising billable time and reducing the need for employing sub-contractors
  • Historic filing cabinets have been replaced with one secure, collaborative environment in SharePoint online
  • D2E has created an Education Portal housed in SharePoint - a central location to share experiences, knowledge and best practice minimising the potential of duplicate research and work
  • Working together on projects has been simplified through central, shared access to content enabling full collaboration within Microsoft Office 2016 applications
  • Day-to-day processes have become more dynamic and time efficient; field associates now complete surveys directly into a SmartPhone app which links back into SharePoint
  • Office 365 provides D2E with integral data back-up and recovery solution in the cloud, so in the event of an incident the business can be back up and running without additional expense

Innovating customer service

  • Empowered with state of the art tools, D2E are developing new applications to help them speed up customer communications and maintain competitive advantage
  • With customer and project information stored centrally and immediately accessible - D2E can provide the highest and fastest levels of service whenever a customer request is received
  • When engaging with new or prospective customers, D2E's technology provides a winning value proposition - confidently promising the highest levels of information security and innovation
  • D2E now has the capability to craft bespoke customer information including personalised dashboards and customer reports

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