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Microsoft Azure for Small Business Microsoft Azure for Small Business

Microsoft Azure

Integrated cloud services for modern business.

Move faster. Achieve more.

With Microsoft Azure, you can choose what you need from a complete suite of cloud-based tools and services – analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking and more – that help your small and mid-sized businesses grow and adapt.

Azure fwf 5050: Microsoft Azure displayed on a tablet
Azure fwf 5050: Microsoft Azure displayed on a tablet

An open, flexible cloud service platform

Microsoft Azure supports a wide range of operating systems, programming languages and frameworks, and it easily integrates with your existing IT environment.

Pay for what you need

With Microsoft Azure, you pay based on usage, and can quickly scale your small business cloud services up or down to match your requirements. It’s a cost-effective solution for accelerating innovation.

Microsoft Azure on a laptop device

Why Azure for your business?

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Target almost any device

Whether you’re developing software for the desktop, iOS, Android or Windows Phone, Azure enables you to quickly build mobile apps using the languages and tools that you already know, such as PHP, Python or Java.

Security and transparency

With Microsoft Azure, you can be confident that your data is protected. Microsoft follows industry-leading security and privacy protocols, and can support compliance with a wide range of industry and regional standards.

Actionable Analytics

Unlock the value in your data with clear insights that help you run your business better.

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Azure for small business cloud technology needs

Don’t get left behind

Reduce costs, enhance agility and accelerate innovation. Here are five workloads that can be adopted by almost any business

Get the most out of Microsoft Azure with these products

Find your business advantage – transform via new business models.

Business anywhere

Do business anywhere

Do your best work. Wherever you are.

Connect with customers

Connect with customers

Win sales and build customer loyalty.

Grow efficiently

Drive efficiency and profitability

Simplify operations to maximise innovation.

Safeguard business

Innovate with agility

Meet the challenge of evolving business models.

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Freedom to work anywhere, securely

“I’m delighted with the capability of the EMS suite. If a device is lost or stolen, we can simply wipe the data from that device”

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Helping fight crime with Microsoft Cloud

Forensic science leader helps to fight crime with Microsoft cloud.

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Protected and ready to face the unexpected

With Microsoft Azure and Office 365, Peers Hardy is saving time and money.

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Technology you can trust

“We are proof to every small business, across any industry, that embracing Microsoft cloud technology can help your business”